Why Choose AFH Management?

Long term care planning can be an uneasy, but necessary topic of discussion amongst families. Along with the sensitive nature of the subject comes the difficulty of navigating through a plethora of options. The sheer size of the healthcare industry alone can make treatment placement an intimidating and lengthy process. Here at My AFH, we believe that finding quality care starts with making an informed decision, and goes beyond that of filtering through a list of names and addresses. While most families looking to find long term care like the idea of comfortable, home-style living; they ultimately shy from adult family homes due to the lack of resources.

With all the above-mentioned responsibilities falling directly on the providers themselves, it leaves them stretched thin and unable to focus their complete time and energy on any one area. As a fellow provider with a vision for expansion our founder, Daniela Torkelson, saw a need within the adult family home industry to bring together a team of qualified individuals who could assist providers by removing the weight and burden of finances, compliance, and various aspects of the business. Because of her vision, My AFH was created. Our team of professionals work directly with the AFH provider to ensure that your loved one receives a standard of excellence in care, comparable to that of a corporate-run institution.

Family owned and operated since 1995 as experienced senior care professionals in the greater Seattle metropolitan area, My AFH is a name that you can trust. Our value added-service allows us to remove the weight of the business from the provider at no additional expense to you. By doing so, the providers that we consult are able to solely devote their time and efforts into providing personalized care for your family member.

We are an alternative to institutional living. With the cost of care at an all-time high, an adult family home that consults with My AFH is the more affordable option with the benefit of additional resources at no additional expense. We recognize the difficulties which accompany this transitional period, and are here to extend our love and support to you and your loved one along the way. It is our desire to help make this a smooth transition for everyone. For more information, call us at 1-800-747-2997, email us at office@afhmanagement.com, or contact us here on our website.

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