Adult Family Home AuburnAdult Family Home Auburn

Finding the right place where your elderly family member can get the right amount of care and compassion they deserve at this stage in their life can be a difficult task. Oftentimes, it’s a tough choice for the remaining family members to come to the decision of leaving their older loved ones in the hands of other people. While this feeling is valid, trust that MyAFH’s adult family homes in Auburn will provide all the care and service your family needs and more.

Our adult family home is an intimate facility housing a maximum of six residents at any given time. You can think of our facility as your older loved one’s second home, full of warmth and care courtesy of our well-trained staff. We make sure to provide our residents with boarding, housekeeping, personal care, and everything they will need to live a happy, comfortable life together with our other elderly residents.

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Assisted Living AuburnAssisted Living Auburn

Assisted living facilities are similar to our adult family homes in the sense that they provide the same amenities and assistance to elderly residents. However, these places can be quite expensive as they are styled to have apartment-like rooms for each resident. They also have a bigger capacity, so the level of personal care might not be exactly the same as what they will get from an adult family home.

Here at MyAFH adult family home, we try to emulate the feeling of being at home by providing them with a more personalized level of care. Since we have a smaller population in our facility, it’s easier for our staff to give more focus and attention to our residents, enabling them to provide closer assistance to our residents’ daily needs and activities. From preparing their food to reminding them about their medicine, trust that our staff is here to give a helping hand.

Senior Housing AuburnSenior Housing Auburn

Some people might have doubts about placing their family members in an adult family home during the later stages of their life. But with MyAFH senior family homes to help you provide the best living conditions appropriate for your elderly loved ones, there’s nothing for you to worry about. We make sure to strike the perfect balance between caring for your family members and allowing them to move independently which is essential for their wellbeing as they reach the later stages of their lives.

Our facilities are always available to residents of Pierce County and its surrounding areas within the Washington State vicinity. Contact us today if you’d like to schedule a visit to one of our homes or to get more information from our staff.

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