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MyAFH believes in promoting independence and improving the quality of life for people with disabilities in Auburn. Our aim is clear – to create a comfortable, safe, and supportive environment where our clients can thrive. 

We exclusively select homes that fulfill our high standards of accessibility and safety, ensuring that your or a loved one have the greatest possible living experience.

Auburn is a beautiful city, with its vibrant community and diverse culture. Our network of homes are strategically located within proximity to essential amenities such as medical facilities, grocery stores, and recreational areas. This allows residents to participate in community activities and promotes social interaction. 

Homes for Disabled Adults Auburn – Discover Your New Home

MyAFH is more than just looking for disabled housing; we provide a community in which people are treated with respect, decency, and love. We are happy to be a beacon of hope and offer guidance during your journey to find a home placed strategically in Auburn. 

Our Commitment to You

  • Safety First: Your well-being is our top priority. We only select facilities that are equipped with state-of-the-art safety features and staffed by caring professionals trained to assist whenever needed.  
  • Holistic Support: Beyond physical needs, we work with homes that cater to the emotional and social well-being of their residents through a variety of programs and activities designed to promote engagement and friendship.
  • A Focus on Independence: We believe in empowering our clients by supporting personal growth and autonomy.

Adults With Disabilities Housing Tacoma - Freedom and Safety in Your New Home

Disabled Living Auburn – Independence and Inclusion

At MyAFH, we recognize that a home is more than simply a physical location; it is also a place where people feel safe and nurtured.  Our chosen homes are staffed by professional carers who provide individualized care, assistance, and companionship to our clients. We strive for a family-like environment in which everyone is treated with decency and respect. 

These homes also have modern facilities such as wheelchair accessibility, emergency call systems, and personal care products to ensure the residents’ comfort and safety. 

Ready to Explore MyAFH?

We encourage you to learn more about how MyAFH can help you or someone you care about. Schedule a consultation now to allow us to assist you in finding an exceptional home that provides compassionate care in Auburn.
To learn more or arrange a personal tour, please reach out to our friendly team. We’re here to answer any questions and make your transition and journey as smooth as possible.


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