Adult Family Home Bellevue

Adult Family Home Bellevue – Residential Options for Older AdultsAdult Family Home Bellevue

If you are looking for the ideal facility where your older loved ones can get appropriate care for their age, you can trust MyAFH adult family home in Bellevue, WA to provide this for them. We are the leading senior care providers in the area, earning the trust of countless families all looking to place their older family members in a home where their needs can be met daily. We make sure to provide quality care and assistance to each member of our facility which houses only up to six residents at once.

The term adult family home may be confusing to some family members who don’t know where to find the best home for their senior loved one’s long-term care. While there are other similar services like nursing homes and assisted living facilities, adult family homes are gearing towards a more intimate, personalized service for our residents. An adult family home, as mentioned above, only accepts up to six residents at a time. Oftentimes, these residents are non-related and are staying in a facility where professional staff are trained to attend to their needs at all times.

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Once you let your older family members be cared for by our staff, you can be assured that they will be given the utmost care and attention that they truly deserve, especially at their age. We provide them with boarding rooms, regular housekeeping to ensure their comfort, healthy and hearty meals to keep them strong and energetic, and more. We try to give them the best possible care in a warm and friendly atmosphere where they can spend their time enjoying themselves with their co-residents.

Adult family homes might sound similar to assisted living facilities in that they provide a caring facility for the elderly. However, one key difference is that the latter might have stricter, more stringent rules as opposed to adult family homes where your loved one can still enjoy their freedom as an adult. Assisted living facilities might also cost more than adult family homes, and this might be a big factor in your search for the most appropriate senior care facility for your family.

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There’s nothing wrong with wanting the best for your loved one. If you believe that placing them in a loving, caring adult family home will be the most appropriate choice given their situation, we will always be here to support you. We have numerous homes all across King County, so you will definitely find one that’s closest to you.

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