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Do you have a loved one in Bellevue who requires long-term housing and care for adults who are elderly and/or have developmental disabilities? Then you might benefit from our Bellevue housing options for people with disabilities. With our disabled housing, you can be sure that your family member gets to live their best life while having their needs attended to regularly.

Many adults with special needs, especially young adults, may live with their parents or other family members instead of in a housing facility. But as many young adults experience at one point, living with one’s parents is not always a great long-term solution. In some cases, the individual’s special needs will be more difficult than what the parents can handle. Or, as parents age, it may become impossible for them to care for their child with disabilities, and a long-term housing solution outside the family home may be necessary. These housing facilities are more equipped and ready to attend to a disabled person’s needs than at home.

MyAFH’s network of adult family housing may be a great option if you’ve found yourself in this scenario! Many of our housing facilities in Bellevue offer specialized care for adults with physical and developmental disabilities. Call us or use our Adult Family Home Search.



Adults With Disabilities Housing – A Guide to Disabled Housing in Bellevue, WA

We partner with families to provide loving, supportive adult care housing facilities for adults with developmental disabilities in many of our network Adult Family Homes. We strive to create a safe, active, and healthy environment that is rich in community interaction and family involvement for our residents with disabilities. Our housing facilities are committed to providing a beautiful space for our residents with disabilities to thrive, make friends, work, play, volunteer, and enjoy life.

Our housing services may include:

  • 24-hour supervision
  • Assistance with the activities of everyday living, from grooming and eating to participation in leisure activities while they are residents in the housing facility
  • Access to services which help the individual develop appropriate skills to increase or maintain their level of functioning

When it comes to accessible housing, the main focus should be on creating a harmonious environment that caters to the individual needs of our residents with disabilities. Just think about housing options that integrate adaptive and accessible features with a warm, accepting, and friendly atmosphere. This is what our housing options for disabled people in Bellevue are like. We ensure that our network of housing options for disabled people is specifically tailored to meet their needs — from the entryways to the spacious living spaces. Every single detail of the home should evoke a strong feeling of warmth and acceptance that our residents need.

We care about your family members like our own, and so we make sure that our disabled housing options are meticulously designed and thoughtfully constructed to be inclusive of people with needs. In our effort to be more inclusive, our disabled housing initiative is a huge step in providing a more comfortable environment for disabled individuals. Our mission is to provide more than just a place for them to stay, but a haven they can consider their home. We dedicate our time to making housing accessible and at the same time, high quality for our residents.

Homes for Disabled Adults – Housing Options for People and Seniors with Disabilities in Bellevue, WA

Our Adult Family Housing offer:

  • Private, residential housing in a neighborhood
  • Converted to meet requirements for care
  • Up to six residents
  • Residents with disabilities have the opportunity to form friendships with one another
  • Each resident has own room
  • Each resident receives personalized care
  • Each resident receives help with activities of daily living
  • Low care professional-to-resident ratio
  • Family meals served together
  • Loved ones may visit residents
  • There are many Adult Family Housing for people with disabilities, and more are open monthly, so finding just the right fit is closer than you think!

You may be wondering, why should adult family housing be an option for you when it comes to placing your family member with disabilities. We provide supplemental space and multiple housing options. In other places, like nursing homes or assisted living housing facilities, there often isn’t the feeling of freedom and space, as there are so many residents and nursing staff around. Nursing homes are more suited for elders with severe medical nursing needs and require a great deal of attention. At our adult senior housing, you’ll have the freedom and independence you desire, while still having necessary check-ups and supervision when needed.

Along with being given the right amount of medical attention, we want to assure you and your loved one that we have great quality services with accurate procedures in our Bellevue housing facilities! MyAFH has hired certified nurses who can provide care and services to the following conditions and more:

  • Alzheimer’s and Dementia
  • Age-Related Conditions
  • Arthritis and Diabetes
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Developmentally Disabled
  • Mental Health and Depression

With our high-quality housing options, we hope to empower our residents with disabilities and promote their independence and deep sense of belongingness. We hope we can be one with you in our effort to offer innovative housing options that will serve as a force of positive change in our fellows with disabilities. We are committed to building a supporting and inclusive community through our housing facilities.

To us, housing is not just a word, but it’s also a commitment to a better and more inclusive future for everyone, most especially our disabled residents. We go beyond complying with what the state requires of housing option providers in Washington. We also make sure that our housing facilities are equipped with everything our disabled residents as well as with staff that understand all their needs. This is the essence of providing housing options for our residents with disabilities — to promote a world where they can be freely themselves regardless of who they are.

Do you still have questions? We have answers. You can call us at any time at 1-800-747-2997, email us at [email protected], or contact us here on our website. Our staff are here to help you figure out the best housing option for your most important family members. Our doors are always open if you require the best housing options for your loved ones.

Call 1-800-747-2997 or visit our Contact Page.

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