Do you require assistance finding an assisted living home, or adult family home in Kent, Washington? MyAFH in Kent of King County is the best online resource for adult family home facilities, an alternative to normal assisted living facilities! With multiple homes in the town of Kent here in King County, throughout the city and near locations like Kentridge, MyAFH management runs a network of senior family housing locations which are perfect for your loved one's assisted living or 24/7 service needs. Our caregivers provide individualized, caring assisted living help to those in our homes, tailoring to the specific health and living needs of your loved ones.

You may believe that placing your loved one in a large nursing home facility, or getting someone to stop by your loved ones' apartments for assisted living services once a month are the only choices you have in Kent, Washington, if you're looking up senior living options in the area.

However, MyAFH’s Kent adult family homes are a far better choice, as we have built them so that our senior living denizens are able to have their needs assisted at all times, while participating in fun activities as much as they are able and willing to. Residents will enjoy having an individual bed, laundry taken care of for them, food preparation and careful cleaning throughout the home. Our insured Kent assisted homes are only allowed to hold up to 6 to 8 unrelated people, excepting married couples who are living in the home together of course. Please call us for more details about our MyAFH locations, cost, and any other questions as each community home has unique amenities.


Our senior housing facilities located in Kent are equipped to help senior patients with memory conditions that require continual help, including memory issues like dementia, Alzheimer's and many more. Caregivers are taught how to respond quickly in emergency situations for anyone in their communities, and can provide essential first aid and help immediately which can be a lifesaver in critical times where seconds can mean everything.

Average assisted living facilities or retirement homes in Kent typically have hundreds patients packed into dozens of small box-like rooms, all
in massive warehouse-like buildings meant for containing the maximum number of people possible. There are only so many doctors available at any time, and so they may only have time for what is absolutely necessary and very little time for more personal, emotional help.

This often means isolated living for your loved one that may be unpleasant and have a high cost on their mental health, not to mention if their living is affected by other conditions already taking away their ability to be independent, and pain-free. To help with the growing senior population, MyAFH’s network of Kent assisted family house communities provide personal, special service from our caregivers that will give your loved one the kind of services they deserve, nearby where you live!

Our highly trained assisted living community employees in Kent, Washington homes are insured to help with the care needs our seniors have, including the following:

Bariatric Care
Ostomy Care
Foot Care
Hair and Nail Trimming
Most Other Daily Basic Living Needs


Rather than providing for Kent residents who need 24/7 care just as a job, MyAFH always keeps our 2 traits of compassion and empathy at top of mind, and this goes for all our caregivers and all employees. This mindset is enforced to make sure that all seniors living in MyAFH homes will be cared for like family.

Call today, fill out our digital contact form or read reviews about us on Facebook! We would love to help you find the best Kent assisted living home choice from MyAFH for your senior.

Call us today at 866-214-4930 to find out more about our Adult Family Homes across King and Snohomish County!

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