Moving Your Parent to Senior Living


When it comes to home, we know … “there’s no place like home!”. 

You parent has most likely liked in their home for many years. As they have grown older, their physical needs have changed. The question lies on how to carefully bring up the subject of moving to senior living with your parent. 

This is a difficult process from talking about this sensitive subject, doing research for senior living, helping with the transition to adjusting to the new changes. Unfortunately, this a common transition that is necessary for many families. 

How to Approach the Topic of Senior Living 

Discuss the subject of transitioning to senior living with your siblings, spouse and other family members that are involved in the situation. There are many caregiver support groups, friends or senior living community staff that can provide resources for you in a time where you need advice and wisdom. 

When you bring the subject up with your parent, it is important to not catch them off guard. Remind them the importance of planning for their future and the many benefits that come with moving into senior living. Help your parent feel that they matter and have control. You want them to believe that you are there for support because you are. 

The familiarity and comfort of their home is of course, undeniable. However, there are safety concerns and negative aspects associated with one who ages in place. From mobility issues to household tasks, your parent is at a greater risk of falling, self-neglect or various other health risks. 

If your family is close, have a casual meeting with your parent and family where everyone can talk over their concerns and apprehensions about the situation. You may consider a third party to take part in the conversation like a close family friend, spiritual advisor or doctor. 

Moving from Point A to Point B

Many seniors fear the process of moving out of their home because moving is overwhelming. From packing, downsizing to actually moving; it is a lot to tackle. There is also the difficult process of saying goodbye to a home where they have many memories. Be sensitive, kind and remember that the situation is not about you. 


The process of passing on items can be emotionally taxing. Be mindful that your parent is basically choosing what parts of their past they want to bring with them and which ones they must let go. 

Should My Parent Move in with Me?

Moving your parent into your residence is definitely an option to consider. This is an important decision that you should take plenty of time to consider all of the living arrangements. Many adult children feel an immense of pressure when it comes to moving their parent into their own home. For some families, it is almost impossible for an elderly parent to live in the home. 

Do your best to provide a safe and caring space for your parent, no matter where that location may be. 


Although there are many challenges with this transition, most adult children find that helping their parent find support and proper care is a rewarding experience. Moving your parent into senior living does not mean that you have failed in caring for them. This is a decision that you are ensuring their safety and helping them get the care that they need. You are wanting to take good care of your parent and not abandon them. 

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