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Hoping to locate an assisted living home for your loved one here in King County, Washington? MyAFH.com is the best online resource to find adult family home community options instead of impersonal assisted living homes! Located here in the city of Renton in King County, Washington, we have built a network of high quality, personal adult family home locations for those with dementia, age related or mobility issues that are optimal for ideal assisted living and 24/7 services. Our caregivers accomplish this by giving everyday, individualized service to those living with us, while ensuring their unique health and happiness needs are met with assisted living options.

You may think that either being placed in a large nursing facility, or having someone visit your loved one's home for occasional assisted living needs are your only two cost effective options in Renton, Washington if you're researching and reading online reviews. However, MyAFH’s Renton adult family home homes provide a superior option, ensuring that our family home members can continue to have their needs for community met, but also ensuring they are fully safe, secure and cared for at all times. Always ready for new or returning residents with individual beds, laundry service, healthcare and careful sanitization and cleanliness, our insured and licensed Renton adult homes are designed for a maximum of 6 to 8 unrelated residents, or potentially more if two residents are married. Please call us for additional information about specific locations and placement cost and offers, as each one has its specialties and there may not be placements available at all locations.


Many of our Renton senior facilities and communities are excellent for senior patients with pronounced physical, memory or age related conditions that need 24/7 care and service. This level of care can be vital in all kinds of emergency situations, as our caregivers can administer urgent care and help sooner than a visiting doctor would be able to which may be a lifesaver in emergencies.

If you envision an average assisted living facility in Renton, Seattle, Tukwila or elsewhere, it most likely has dozens of patients in small rooms spread out throughout a massive building, and only so many nurses and doctors available for necessary care while they keep up with multiple patients living there. This unfortunately tends to create impersonal, disheartening and lonely living situations that your loved one may have difficulty living with, especially if they suffer from physical, memory or age related conditions. In stark contrast, MyAFH’s Renton assisted adult family home communities allow our senior denizens their own spaces to live, and personal assistance from excellent caregivers who will come to know your loved one's needs on a personal level.

MyAFH’s Renton assisted living community facilities are the best offers available for any adults needing 24/7 care. Renton adult family homes also are flexible for all levels of assisted living requirements, as we can adjust services to your loved one's unique health needs and ability to be independent. We are always ready to help our community patients living with us with expert, licensed employees, caregivers and cleaning practices. We also plan activities and fun time for our Renton patients who are able to participate, based on what they are able and willing to do. Our skillfully trained and prepared assisted living staff in Renton, Washington are highly qualified and can take care of most typical needs seniors have, including the following:

Bariatric Care
Ostomy Care
Foot Care
Hair and Nail Trimming
Most Other Daily Basic Living Needs


Instead of simply serving Renton adults needing 24/7 retirement care only out of a sense of duty, MyAFH always puts our 2 tenets of compassion and empathy as the top priorities for all caregivers and employees. This mission statement is intended to make sure that all seniors will be cared for like they are our own family. We will do everything possible to respectfully house your loved one, and our team will help you go through what is often a difficult period of time for many families. Call today, fill out our online form or read reviews about us on Google! We'd love to help you find the perfect Renton assisted living home from MyAFH for your senior today.

Call us today at 866-214-4930 to find out more about our Adult Family Homes across King and Snohomish County!

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