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Searching for a suitable Shoreline senior care home for your loved one in Shoreline, Washington state? MyAFH’s helpful website and call center is the optimal way to search for local alternative options to nursing homes! Providing assisted living locations in the city of Shoreline and the rest of King County, MyAFH has made comfortable, secure senior living houses for our senior population, who require help preserving their health, going about daily tasks, and keeping wellbeing good. We make this possible by preparing and training our staff to give personal nursing care to those living in our homes, and doing everything needed to ensure their happiness, safety and health with personalized services.

You may still believe that you will be forced to choose a gigantic, corporate nursing facility in Shoreline, WA for your loved one. However, MyAFH’s Shoreline assisted community facilities are built perfectly for holding safety and happiness as our most important priorities, which means we have assisted living senior communities where our seniors are enabled to live out their lives positively and also stay safe, secure, and get a space for themselves. Absolutely prepared for placements with personal beds, everyday laundry service, skilled care & standard cleaning procedures, our insured Shoreline adult community homes are able to contain up to six unrelated tenants, and potentially more if new tenants are related, or married. Send us a contact form to find out more information about our houses in Shoreline.


The senior care homes we manage in Shoreline are optimally set up for all patients, even those with strenuous memory and physical ailments that require highly skilled care. Our homes can provide instant care and help in most everyday situations which will be personally fit to any residents’ needs, and also be able to act more quickly for time sensitive issues which may be a life saver.

When your family considers average elder facilities or hospital rooms in Shoreline, you’ll most likely be talking about corporations that employ huge numbers of medical staff, doctors, and visitors, with patients needing to be tightly stacked into tiny rooms, which means impersonal, uncomfortable spaces that are depressing and isolating. In contrast, our Shoreline residential living communities service our senior tenants with far more room to live out their days, in a nice, comfortable, and pleasant place.

MyAFH’s Shoreline senior residents communities are a perfect fit for all seniors in need of 24/7 services. These unique Shoreline area houses also allow for every level of assisted senior living choices, and can be adjusted for each patient’s specific needs and requirements. To second this, our staff are always prepared to take on new retirement tenants thanks to their full training in care and cleaning procedures. These competently trained and prepped nurses and caregivers in Shoreline are highly qualified to rapidly and consistently take care of many living needs, including these following areas:

  • Bariatric Care
  • Ostomy Care
  • Foot Care
  • Hair and Nail trimming, etc.


Rather than only serving Shoreline patients and their families out of pity, MyAFH chooses to keep the 2 main concepts of compassion and love as our focus. These principles are in place to ensure that your loved ones will be cared for just like they were our own family. We keep our promise to take care of your loved ones, and to always be there to assist you as well with working through this type of difficult and emotional transition. Get in touch with us today to help choose the perfect Shoreline residency today, or check our online reviews if you don’t want to take our word for it!

Call us today at 866-214-4930 to find out more about our Adult Family Homes across King and Snohomish county!

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