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Are you searching for a Renton senior care home for your loved one in Washington? MyAFH is your source for the best senior care home locations! Situated here in Renton in beautiful King County, we have safe, comfortable homes for seniors to take care of their health and unique needs while making sure they’re happy and dignified.

You may think a large, impersonal nursing home is your only choice in Washington. Instead, MyAFH’s Renton adult senior homes are built with privacy and communities in mind, in a close-knit adult group where our residents can have all the living freedom possible, while also making sure they are supervised and safe. Fully stocked with private rooms, provided board, laundry services, personal care and cleaning, along with social services, our licensed adult homes can hold up to six non-related adult residents at any time.


These Renton senior care locations are perfect for senior individuals with difficult health issues that need 24/7 care. This style of adult care location can also provide instant care that is more personal and 1-on-1 with those needing care. When you imagine a typical nursing home or assisted rehab facility, they may have hundreds of medical staff and senior residents, which means tight, impersonal spaces in one or many huge buildings. In MyAFH facilities, we give our senior residents far more room and freedom, so they can go about their days living in comfortable communities and with the supervision they specifically need.

MyAFH Renton senior facilities are perfect for seniors who need 24/7 care but want personal supervision and freedom to move as they are able to. These Renton adult home locations permit this kind of assisted living for those we care for, while also still looking after our seniors with licensed nurses, caregivers and staff. Our highly skilled nurses have well-trained Renton workers that can take care of many basic needs including these following items, and more:

  • Bariatric Care
  • Ostomy Care
  • Foot Care
  • Hair and Nail trimming and care


MyAFH’s goal is to give Renton seniors a great alternative to your standard senior care experience, here and in the rest of Washington state. The objective is that you and your family will be confident in bringing your loved one to stay in our residential Renton adult senior community. Our Renton senior care homes will provide the perfect amount of assisted living to your family members. With our trained nurses and staff always available and government approved Renton community, we provide a clean, comfortable environment with individualized care plans specific to their needs that will help our residents feel more like they’re living at home.

Instead of only serving with sympathy, MyAFH keeps compassion and empathy top of mind to make sure that your senior loved one will be fully taken care of, mentally and physically. We exist to be here for you and your loved one, and to assist with making this difficult transition simpler. Contact our staff today and find the best home location for your senior today!

Call us at 800-747-2997 for more information!

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