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Needing to choose a Burien senior care home for your loved one here in Washington state? MyAFH is your best resource to locate great alternatives to normal nursing homes! Closely working with the town of Burien in King County, we have created multiple comfortable, safe locations for seniors to keep their wellbeing and health in top form. We do this by providing personalized care to our residents, while securing their comfort and happiness with assisted living services.

You might think a massive, cold nursing hospital is the only option in Burien, WA. In actuality, MyAFH’s Burien assisted living homes are built with security, safety and privacy as our top priorities, resulting in happy adult communities so our residents are enabled to have all the living options they can, but also making sure they are always safe, secure, and have their own space. Totally ready for new residents with private beds, laundry services, basic care and continual sanitization and cleaning, our fully insured Burien adult homes can hold at least 6 unrelated residents, and potentially more if they are related or married. Ask us for more info on specific family homes as there are variations between our locations.


Our Burien senior care homes are perfect for even senior patients with severe physical, mental or behavioral conditions problems that require skilled, constant care. This type of care home can provide immediate care in many situations that can be personalized exactly to a resident’s needs, and also step in faster than a visiting doctor would be able to. When one imagines a typical nursing home or hospital in Burien, they usually have dozens of medical staff, physicians, nurses rotating shifts constantly, with residents or patients tightly squeezed into rooms, which creates cramped, depressing spaces that are difficult to stay positive in. In contrast, MyAFH’s Burien residential living communities provide our senior residents with far more space to live, along with a homey, comforting atmosphere.

MyAFH’s Burien senior facilities are perfect for all seniors needing 24/7 care. These Burien senior houses also allow for all levels of assisted senior living, based on each patient’s unique needs. Along with this, we are ready to fully watch over our residents with fully licensed employees, caregivers and sanitizing procedures. Our skillfully trained and prepared nurses in Burien are experts that can easily take care of most frequent living needs, including these:

  • Bariatric Care
  • Ostomy Care
  • Foot Care
  • Hair and Nail trimming


Rather than simply serving our Burien patients only through sympathy, MyAFH places the 2 tenets of compassion and empathy as our main priorities. This philosophy is there to make sure that your senior will be fully cared for like family. We will be there for your loved ones, and there for you as well to assist with going through this tricky family transition period. Give us a call today and find the perfect Burien residency for your senior today, or read our online reviews!

Call us today at 866-214-4930 to find out more about our Adult Family Homes across King and Snohomish county!

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