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At MyAFH, we understand the importance of selecting the right nursing home for you or your loved ones. Located in the heart of Kent, our network of adult family homes offers a sanctuary where senior citizens are treated with the dignity, respect, and warmth they deserve. At these homes, every day is about living life to its fullest, surrounded by a caring community that feels like family.

Many assume that the main options available for themselves or an elderly family member in need of extra care are nursing homes. In the Kent area of South King County, Washington, we have the perfect housing for your family members who would like to retire to a well-supervised facility but would like a more home-like atmosphere.

Our adult family homes are surrounded by a warm community where the senior citizens who reside can make friends with each other and live their adult lives as if they were in their own homes. While nursing homes can provide more rehabilitation living environments, they’re often large buildings with many other residents and nurses. Some would prefer a smaller setting, that still provides skilled caretakers.

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Kent Nursing Home – Discover Compassionate Care & Unmatched Comfort

Although nursing homes have become what many turn to for their senior housing once medical or memory care needs become apparent, adult family homes can often offer a more attentive housing environment, as the residents will become well acquainted with the nursing care workers they see every day. Here at MyAFH adult family homes, we want to ensure that all of our senior guests are well-treated and cared for by the outstanding nurses and healthcare staff that we partner with.

At MyAFH, it is our mission to treat your family with compassion, as if they were our own family. Call today and we can make appropriate recommendations based on your needs and preferences.

Nursing Home Kent WA – Personalized Care for Your Loved Ones

An amazing thing about choosing our adult family housing as opposed to a nursing home or assisted living service is that we supply lots of room and space to live independently! With the ability to house up to six non-related adult residents, there is much freedom to roam around and live where you can see yourself residing for years. Nursing homes are usually designed for those who need direct and immediate help with more severe health issues.

Why Choose MyAFH?

  • Tailored Care Plans: Because we believe in personalizing our care to each resident’s needs, ensuring they receive the attention and medical support crucial for their well-being.
  • Comfortable and Safe Environment: We only select homes with state-of-the-art facilities that are designed to feel like home, offering peace of mind to both our residents and their families.
  • Experienced and Compassionate Staff: Our team makes sure they have healthcare professionals and caregivers who are not just experienced but also deeply compassionate, making them the perfect companions for your loved ones.
  • Engaging Activities: From wellness programs to social events, our selected homes’ range of activities is crafted to keep residents engaged, happy, and active.
  • Nutrition and Health Focus: We prioritize health and nutrition, making sure the homes provide meals that are not only delicious but also tailor-made to the dietary needs of our seniors.

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A few miles into Kent of South King County, Washington, our adult family homes are licensed residential spaces where we care for our residents with compassion, instead of sympathy. We want to assure you that your family members will be taken care of emotionally and physically. Each individual at MyAFH is provided with a personalized care plan suited to fit their healthcare needs, along with personal care and social services. In a safe, warm, caring, and nurturing environment, we provide housing that feels like your own and around-the-clock care. There are no worries to be held at MyAFH and you can count on us to make the transition for your family easier.

We invite you to explore what makes MyAFH stand out among nursing homes in Kent. It’s time to find the perfect new home for your loved one, where they’ll continue to grow, share, and enjoy life.


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