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Trouble finding assisted living options, or a nursing home in or around Marysville, Washington? MyAFH Management in Snohomish County owns the most comprehensive online resource for finding adult family home facilities, which are often the best alternative to assisted living services! With homes in the community of Marysville, MyAFH runs a powerful network of senior home care communities, with flexibility for your loved one's specific needs.

You may not be aware that in Marysville, large nursing homes, hospitals or an independent retirement community village are not your only choices. Adult family homes are an alternative option that may be perfect for your senior's needs for assisted living in Marysville!

Senior Living Marysville

The MyAFH owned assisted living home in Marysville, Washington is built to help seniors with memory conditions like Alzheimer's, along with mental health issues and developmental issues. Our staff can easily adjust and customize their assistance to what your senior specifically requires.

Standard senior facilities, hospitals or retirement apartments in Marysville often hold dozens of patients or residents in small, cramped rooms that lack that homey feeling. Adequate numbers of staff, nurses and doctors may not be available, resulting in quick, only absolutely necessary assisted services being given.

Instead, our adult family homes make lovely communities with only 6-8 patients living there at any time, in a beautiful location located in Marysville with a nice backyard and gardens area. We always keep staff on hand 24/7 who are trained to meet your loved one's needs. They are able to provide assisted living help for those who are able to get around themselves, and also 24/7 special service for those who are bed-bound or require incontinence care.

Our assisted living community staff in Marysville, Washington homes are qualified to assist with the needs our residents have, including the following:

Bariatric Care
Ostomy Care
Foot Care
Hair and Nail Trimming
Most Other Daily Basic Living Needs


Rather than viewing our Marysville residents as burdens or as just mouths to feed, MyAFH staff always keep the tenets of compassion and empathy as the the most important priorities. This focus is closely held to ensure that all those residing in our MyAFH homes will be cared for like they are our family, and make wonderful community memories with them.

Call today or fill out one of our online contact forms! We are more than happy to help you locate the optimal Marysville assisted living home choice for your loved one and discuss cost, pricing plans and more.

Call us today at 866-214-4930 to find out more about our Adult Family Homes across King and Snohomish County!

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