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Having difficulties finding an assisted living home, or an adult family home in or around Burien, Washington? MyAFH facilities in Burien of King County has the best online directory for adult family home facilities, which are the best alternative to standard assisted living locations! With multiple homes in and nearby the community of Burien, MyAFH operates a strong network of senior family housing communities, with a range of options that can fit any of your loved ones' needs. Our staff and caregivers are equipped for giving specialized, individual help to the residents in our homes, and able to customize their living practices to fit their needs, but also preserve their own ability to be independent as much as they are able.

You might be under the impression that taking your loved one to a large nursing home or hospital, or hiring someone to stop by their place of living for assisted living services periodically are the only choices you have in Burien. However our adult family home communities are a third, superior option that is better for almost all cases!


Our independent and assisted living homes in and around Burien, Washington are specially equipped to benefit our senior patients with age related conditions like arthritis, diabetes, incontinence and more. We are also equipped to help those with memory conditions, mental health struggles and neurological issues and can adjust for what your loved one specifically needs.

"Normal" assisted living facilities, senior complexes or retirement homes in Burien usually have dozens of patients packed tightly into small rooms,
in impersonal container style buildings that wouldn't feel like home to anyone. Doctors and nurses may be spread thin with how many patients are in their care, and be only able to provide the most necessary services as they bounce between rooms all day. In contrast, our family homes are personal communities with no more than 6-8 patients, in beautiful house locations with sufficient staff that are trained to meet your loved one's every need. We can provide assisted living for those who are mobile, or 24/7 services for those who are bed bound or need hospice care.

Our assisted living community staff in Burien, Washington homes are qualified to assist with the needs our residents have, including the following:

Bariatric Care
Ostomy Care
Foot Care
Hair and Nail Trimming
Most Other Daily Basic Living Needs


Rather than treating our Burien residents as a burden, MyAFH always keeps our two ethos of compassion and empathy as the most important things. This mindset is enforced to make sure that all seniors living in MyAFH homes will be cared for like they are our own loved ones.

Call today or fill out our online form! We would be so happy to help you located the best Burien assisted living home choice from MyAFH for your loved one and discuss cost, pricing plans and more.

Call us today at 866-214-4930 to find out more about our Adult Family Homes across King and Snohomish County!

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