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Are you looking for a solution for long-term care for your elderly loved one in Kent, WA? MyAFH is here to help! We have several long-term care facilities in our network, with several here in Kent specializing in different types of care services. Our care centers are focused on providing personal care through skilled nursing to make older adults feel more comfortable despite their condition.

For most senior adults, a commonly needed service of long-term care is assistance with personal, daily activities, also called "activities of daily living" or ADLs. These activities may include bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, eating, and moving around their home or other environment—for example, getting out of bed and into a chair. Senior adults sometimes come to a point in their lives when special care is needed to help them continue functioning daily. Facilities within our network of service are highly capable of providing such personal care services to older residents within King County.

Long-term care can also include services such as meals, adult day supervision, or transportation services. If you are looking for an Adult Family Home for your loved one to provide long-term care in Kent, call MyAFH today! Our residential community caters to the aging members of society who need quality residential care and health services due to their current condition. You can guarantee that a professional with a high level of care and compassion will be there to assist your loved ones with their daily needs.

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Long Term Care Homes Kent

Long Term Care Homes KentSenior adults often need long-term care when they have an ongoing, serious health condition, or if they have a disability that prohibits them from performing the physical tasks of daily care activities for themselves. The need for long-term care can come unexpectedly, such as after a major medical event like a heart attack or stroke. However, the need most often develops over time, as people get older or as an illness or disability gets worse.

While it may be a tough decision for any family member to place their loved ones in a senior living community, it is also a well-known fact that facilities such as nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and adult family homes are better-equipped facilities providing the utmost home care and medical care to our older members of the society. These facilities are also run by professionals with years of experience providing high level of care for older adults.

Caring for an older adult is not an easy feat. For this reason, healthcare professionals undergo licensing and certification to guarantee their high capability to become caregivers to residents in retirement communities, long-term facilities, and more. We always make sure our staff meets all the regulatory requirements to become caregivers for the elderly in our healthcare facilities.

While we all would like to be with our loved ones 24/7, we also must admit that they need a high level of care, and the best place for them to be is within the comforts of skilled nursing facilities designed to cater to their daily needs as well as other health care services. In some instances, our homes are not equipped enough to cater to their daily needs, so placing them in long-term care retirement communities will be a better fit for them.

Long Term Care Services Kent

Who Needs Long-Term Care?memory care seattle

All people are different, so it can be difficult to predict when, how much, and what type of long-term care a loved one might need. Some older adults develop various health conditions such as dementia or Alzheimer's. When this happens, independent living is physically next to impossible, thus, families heavily rely on healthcare facilities that are concerned with the well-being of their family members. These facilities provide a safe and secure environment where your loved one can still lead a healthy and happy life without being at risk due to their condition.

There are a few factors that can increase the likelihood that a senior adult may need long-term care, such as:

  • Age. The need generally increases as people get older.
  • Gender. Women are often at higher risk than men, mainly because they typically live longer.
  • Marital status. Single people are more likely than married people to need care from a paid provider.
  • Lifestyle. Unhealthy life habits can increase a person's risk of needing long-term care.
  • Health and family history. These factors also directly impact an older adult's health conditions and might make them susceptible to progressive-degenerative conditions, leaving them unable to care for themselves.

We know that the decision to place your elderly loved one in an adult family home is not an easy choice to make. After all, we all want to hold our near and dear loved ones as close as possible. Here at My AFH, our goal is to help you through the process of placing your elder family members in a safe and caring facility as much as we can. We provide peace of mind that your loved one will be in a safe, welcoming environment and cared for by friendly, professional staff who keep their residents’ health and well-being as their top priority. In Kent and throughout the Puget Sound region, we’re known for our quality care in our adult family homes and assisted living facilities.

Our residents all over Washington State enjoy monthly and weekly activities, as well, in a community where they can fully embrace life. Our home-like, family-oriented care homes are inviting, comfortable, and warm places for your loved one to call home. You won’t have cause to worry when they are in our care. We always make sure that apart from their physical health, our residents' mental health is also a top priority.

Do you still have questions? We have answers. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about our most common concerns. You can also call us at any time at 1-800-747-2997, email us at office@afhmanagement.com, or contact us here on our website. Our staff are here to help.

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