Trying to find assisted living options in Mountlake Terrace, Washington? MyAFH is the top online resource in Washington state for finding adult family homes, that may often be a superior option compared to assisted living service companies for your loved one! We have homes in our network in and around Mountlake Terrace, and we also have a massive directory for finding any other adult family home facility in the area of Mountlake Terrace. We would love to help you place your loved one in one of our network communities in Mountlake Terrace, Washington or help you locate another assisted living option if needed. MyAFH's helpful staff are here to help you find the best choices for your senior no matter what.


If you're walking around in the community of Mountlake Terrace, you may see a few branded cars and vans delivering assisted living services to the homes of local seniors for a monthly cost. You will also see nursing home facilities that are massive buildings, with hundreds of seniors packed tightly inside. These extreme ends of the spectrum for assisted living and senior care are not very flexible to the needs of the individual, and the way they are capable of living. Adult family homes are the solution! Unlike assisted living companies that visit on a weekly or monthly basis and provide basic assistance, MyAFH adult family facilities around the Mountlake Terrace area are the best living option for many seniors. With only 6 to 8 residents in each home at any time, and private or 2 person bedroom options depending on the home, every senior living in one of these Mountlake Terrace adult family homes or the nearby area will get excellent, personalized care. Our homes are also in beautiful locations that are wonderful communities to reside in.


The MyAFH senior community facilities in Mountlake Terrace are specially set up for taking in senior individuals with health conditions that assisted living care providers can't help with. Whether your loved one needs help with memory conditions, physical conditions or mental health assistance, our adult family homes in Mountlake Terrace and the nearby area can help with what's needed! If you are interested in this alternative to assisted living for your loved one, please get in touch with us to discuss pricing and activities for your loved one.

Call us today at 866-214-4930 to find out more about our Adult Family Homes across King and Snohomish County!

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