Need assistance with finding assisted living choices for a senior in or around Everett, Washington? MyAFH's community home locations located in Snohomish County, Washington are the best adult family home facilities in the area, which may be often be the best choice instead of assisted living services for your loved one's needs! MyAFH's network of senior home care locations offer amazing flexibility for the needs of your parent, friend or relative needing a place with 24/7 assisted living services. You might have no idea that in the city of Everett, gigantic nursing homes, cold hospitals or retirement apartments are not your only choices as those are more traditional. Adult family homes are a 4th, often superior option that offer the versatility to give your senior the best possible living situation for them in Everett!


Assisted living alternative homes offered by MyAFH in and around Everett, Washington are set up to benefit seniors with memory related conditions like dementia and Alzheimer's. When your loved one is admitted, our communities' staff can adjust and customize their assistance to what your senior specifically requires and how independent they are able and willing to be. With custom activities plans and special cooking plans, you can avoid being stuck with an inflexible level of assisted living that may not fit your Everett senior's needs. Typical nursing facilities and even assisted living senior communities in Everett tend to take hundreds of patients/residents in lonely, tiny rooms that do not feel like home in the slightest. Inadequate staffing may be an issue as well, resulting in a lack of personal care and options because the nurses, doctors and staff are too spread thin to do anything but the most vital tasks. In complete contrast, MyAFH adult family homes create wonderful communities with a maximum of 6-8 residents living in the home at any given time, so everyone gets the assisted help they need in Everett for their needs. Our staff is available 24/7 for support and emergency situations, and our homes are fitted with the latest safety equipment like emergency buttons, monitors and more to ensure that if emergencies happen they can respond right away. The assisted living community staff in Everett, Washington homes are trained to help with most basic needs our residents have, including the following: Bariatric Care Ostomy Care Foot Care Hair and Nail Trimming Most Other Daily Basic Living Needs


Call today or fill out one of our online contact forms! We are more than happy to help you locate the optimal Everett assisted living home choice for your loved one and discuss cost, pricing plans, offers and more.

Call us today at 866-214-4930 to find out more about our Adult Family Homes across King and Snohomish County!

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