Are you beginning the process of locating assisted living options, or a nursing home that will be a good fit for your loved one in Auburn, Washington? AFH Management is your best online resource and information center for locating adult family homes, that offer an alternative to standard assisted living services. With our directory listing every adult family home facility in the city of Auburn, Washington, along with our own network of homes in nearby towns, MyAFH is here to help you find the best options for your loved one!

What is the difference between an Adult Family Home and an Assisted Living Facility? 

Most people know the term “Assisted Living” but may not have heard of Adult Family Homes before. Both can be good options for your loved one, but there are some big differences between these two types of senior housing. These highlights are important to know when searching for somewhere for your senior to call home. Here are a few of those general differences at a glance:

Adult Family Home Assisted Living Facility
Maximum of six residents May have hundreds of residents
More personalized care and interaction Some medical and ADL care available
Small group and independent activities available Often have large group activities and entertainment available
Homes in regular neighborhoods Apartment-style facilities
More of a “family” feel More of a “community” feel

We have homes in our network in and around Auburn, and we also have a massive directory for finding any other adult family home facility in the area of Auburn. We would love to help you place your loved one in one of our network communities in Auburn, Washington or help you locate another assisted living option if needed. MyAFH's helpful staff are here to help you find the best choices for your senior no matter what.

Our Adult Family Homes in Auburn are a part of MyAFH management’s network of senior family housing locations throughout the region. These homes are perfect for your loved one's assisted living or 24/7 service needs. Our caregivers provide individualized, caring assisted living help to those in our homes, tailoring to the specific health and living needs of your loved ones.


With a typical max of 6 to 8 residents per home and private or 2 person bedroom options, our Adult Family Homes in Auburn provide personalized care, in a comfortable, homey environment. These communities are also carefully set up so that residents are likely to fit in well with each other, and to make sure the home is equipped for their specific needs. With the right amount of assisted help, your loved one can truly thrive in an Auburn adult family home!

Our highly trained assisted living community employees in Auburn, Washington homes are insured to help with the care needs our seniors have, including the following:

  • Bariatric Care
  • Ostomy Care
  • Foot Care
  • Hair and Nail Trimming
  • Most Other Daily Basic Living Needs

The MyAFH senior community facilities in Auburn are specially set up for taking in senior individuals with health conditions that assisted living care providers can't help with. Whether your loved one needs help with memory conditions, physical conditions or mental health assistance, our adult family homes in Auburn and the nearby area can help with what's needed! If you are interested in this alternative to assisted living for your loved one, please get in touch with us to discuss pricing and activities for your loved one.


Most senior housing community facilities located in Auburn are prepared for taking in senior denizens with severe conditions that require 24/7 care and service. Your loved one with memory issues like dementia, age related conditions, or other difficult health conditions can be cared for with excellence by an adult family home in Auburn. While many homes may be full at any given time, we can help you find homes with availability and open beds. If this sounds like a good alternative to assisted living for your senior, please call us! Contact us today by phone or completing our online contact form, and feel free to read reviews about us on Google and elsewhere! Our team would love to help you find the best Auburn home for your loved one and discuss costs.

You may still have questions about MyAFH’s adult family homes vs. nursing homes in Auburn. Here are a few frequently asked questions:


What is the difference between an Adult Family Home and a Nursing Home?

An Adult Family Home provides more personalized care in a more home-like setting, while Nursing Homes are larger facilities that operate more like hospitals, with close care and supervision for residents. Adult Family Homes can also offer this close care, though the community is much smaller and personalized.


How do I know which Adult Family Home will work best for my loved one?

Feel free to contact MyAFH by using our contact form or calling us. Or you can search for Adult Family Homes in your area and contact them directly.


How do Adult Family homes stay accountable to the state?

The state of Washington conducts yearly surprise inspections to ensure that Adult Family homes are operating at an optimum level.


Are there services that an Adult Family Home does not provide?

Adult Family Homes are equipped to provide a wide range of services for the elderly. Most notable is the 24 hour care, with assistance of all activities of everyday living. Most homes provide assistance for Dementia and Mental Health. Some homes are RN owned and operated.


How much care should my loved one anticipate from an Adult Family Home?

Adult family Homes provide as much or as little care as the resident requires. Residents who are more independent will be encouraged to use their abilities while those needing assistance will be helped more.


What does a typical day in an Adult Family Home look like?

While each home is different, below you can see some general points that appear in a typical day. Residents are assisted with dress and grooming before serving breakfast. Rooms and laundry are cleaned. Activities and exercises are encouraged. Toileting may take place either before or after meals. Lunch is served followed by a time of relaxation or more organized activities and games. In the evening there is dinner and the day begins to wind down by watching one's favorite show before being assisted with the bedtime routine.

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