Are you beginning the process of locating assisted living options, or a nursing home that will be a good fit for your loved one in Auburn, Washington? AFH Management is your best online resource and information center for locating adult family homes, that are a better alternative to standard assisted living services! With our directory listing every adult family home facility in the city of Auburn in King County, Washington, along with our own network of homes in nearby towns, MyAFH is here to help you find the best options for your loved one if an assisted living subscription is insufficient. Driving around the community of Auburn, you may see only retirement apartments, massive nursing and hospice homes and a few cars driving around to deliver assisted living services to seniors' homes. However, paying for someone to stop at your loved one's place of living for assisted living care once a month may not be anywhere near enough care if they have moderate to severe health conditions and are starting to struggle to be independent. Meanwhile, nursing home facilities are often impersonal and can feel like living in a box with no one around who you know, and stack up more and more cost for every small care item and service if you're not on a monthly plan. We have a different solution for ideal senior living!


In stark contrast to assisted living programs that can only serve so much and still cost significant amounts per month, adult family facilities in the Auburn area are a superior option for many. With a typical max of 6 to 8 residents per home and private or 2 person bedroom options, each senior living in an Auburn adult family home or in communities in the nearby area will get personalized care, in a comfortable, homey environment. These communities are also carefully set up so that residents are likely to fit in well with each other, and to make sure the home is equipped for their specific needs. With the right amount of assisted help, your loved one can truly thrive in an Auburn adult family home!


Most senior housing community facilities located in Auburn are prepared for taking in senior denizens with severe conditions that require 24/7 care and service. Your loved one with memory issues like dementia, age related conditions, or other difficult health conditions can be cared for with excellence by an adult family home in Auburn. While many homes may be full at any given time, we can help you find homes with availability and open beds. If this sounds like a good alternative to assisted living for your senior, please call us! Contact us today by phone or completing our online contact form, and feel free to read reviews about us on Google and elsewhere! Our team would love to help you find the best Auburn home for your loved one and discuss costs.

Call us today at 866-214-4930 to find out more about our Adult Family Homes across King and Snohomish County!

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