Nursing Homes in Seattle

If you want the elders in your family to be a part of a residential community that provides substantial supervision and regulation, an Adult Family Home may be the perfect choice. In a neighborhood-like environment with individual housing for up to six non-related adults, we provide nursing and skilled services in many aspects of adult lives. Each of our houses are located in Seattle of King County, Washington and are government-licensed for the elderly that live there.

At MyAFH adult family homes, we give the right amount of healthcare and security for our residing seniors, while also leaving them with plenty of freedom and independence so they can enjoy their space as if it was their very own home. We have staff and nurses to take care of any inconvenience that may come up that the resident would need assistance with. We take good care of our guests here in Seattle because we are compassionate of your loved ones and want your family to have the best experience with us.

Nursing Homes Seattle WA

You may also be looking at other options, like nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Nursing homes are larger buildings, with many more residents and staff. They are usually geared towards seniors that are in need of much more care, than those that would enjoy the life inside of an Adult Family Home. Nursing homes typically have their skilled nursing staff on a more rotating schedule, whereas the care-takers in an adult family home often have the opportunity to build strong relationships with those staying with us.

Here in our Seattle adult family housing, you can put your mind at ease knowing that your senior family member is being cared for in a familiar environment, with less people coming and going. With our licensed nursing staff, our seniors are receiving one-on-one assistance with their daily lifestyle and health concerns. Caring for all of our adult seniors, our skilled nursing staff and care-takers are also trained for the developmentally and physically disabled, including those with memory needs.

Seattle Nursing Homes

To find the best match for your family member, contact us in Seattle, Washington to discuss if an Adult Family Home may be a better fit than a Nursing facility. We can make reviews of your needs and help you determine what the right options may be. Our housing is spatial and clean, surrounded by the beautiful city atmosphere. All of our AFHs in Seattle and beyond guarantee the following:

  • Individual health care
  • Certified nurses and staff
  • Broad home spaces
  • Clean environment

You will not be let down by how nurturing and warm our Seattle area adult housing is. Your family member will be greeted with open arms and treated with compassion, not just sympathy. It is important to us that you or your loved ones are cared for individually with their physical and emotional needs. They will feel safe, clean, and taken care of in this community-like environment. With around-the-clock nursing staff and additional activities, we can help the transition be easier for you and your family.


Call us today at 866-214-4930 to find out more about our Adult Family Homes across King and Snohomish county!


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